I started coding in 1984 when it wasn’t cool to be a geek – especially for a girl. In 1987 I went online with a 300 baud modem and a local BBS and people thought I was crazy.

But doing that did two things for me: connected me to people and helped me tell/find stories. Over twenty-five years later, the technology, platforms and attitudes has changed but my reason for being part of this online world hasn’t: I still believe in the power of creating content and connecting community.

I’ve been constantly recruited by top brands to create and execute their content, social media and creative strategies, often rebranding and building teams in the process. You’ve seen my work everywhere, you probably just don’t know it. I don’t work for fame or to jump on a bandwagon. I work because I love to build useful, well-designed things that connect and inspire others.

There’s no one else out there with the track record I’ve got of creating the best content and creative for brands and consumers. I’ve the metrics, awards, accolades and experience to prove it.

How can I help you? If you’re looking for content strategies (teams, editorial calendars, platforms, branding, management, creation), social media strategy (platforms, branding, paid & targeted, growth, engagement), creative direction, storytelling across all mediums (site, blogs, social, video) and holistic integrations (site, offline, online, social, third party sites), I’m your person.

Alex Beauchamp