Airbnb: Sundance

Project: Support our activation at Sundance by creating a contest to drive community engagement and earn a disproportionate share of voice at Sundance.

Event Coverage:

I hired a writer who had created the Anthology series so that our event coverage would be experienced like a guest versus having someone write it who was too close and would maybe miss some of the magic. I also hired a freelance photographer and videographer to work in tandem with our writer to give us 360 coverage of our #Airbnbhaus. I led our social media team in monitoring social questions about Sundance, our events and invites. Results? over 600K social mentions within 48hrs and we owned 10% share of voice from Sundance.

I also commissioned a short film, “Strangers Drawing Strangers” by Ivan Cash to highlight not only our events, but the partners/talent we were working with.

Airbnb Video Contest:

With 3 weeks to plan and active, I created a video contest for our creative community with 2 winners being flown to Sundance and having their short film shown at our event space. We knew a lot of our guests and hosts were creatives so I only opened the contest to people who actually used our platform. I worked with our guest services and email to get the word out  as well as targeted social media. We asked film makers to create a short film under 2min that used our brand concept of #onelessstranger. Within 10days we had over 200 submissions. I was part of a small panel to choose the 2 winners, Your Place or Mine and Collect Smiles.

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