Anthropologie: Content and Social Media Strategy

The need:

Anthropologie wanted to get on social media (which was Facebook and Twitter at the time). They wanted to connect more with their consumers, integrate social media with ecommerce, tell better product stories and grow brand affinity.

My pitch:

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The results:

  • Established and defined role; created and socialized a two-year brand strategy for social media and community.
  • Increased sales, fan count and customer loyalty through community outreach, content creation and customer service via social media tools.
  • Supported core brand initiatives by providing consistency and direction in brand’s social media presence by working with eCommerce, CRM, Merchandising, Operations, Customer Service and IT teams.
  • Lead overall strategy in the creative development and technical implementation of social media applications across ecommerce, stores and social media.
  • Managed day-to-day social media operations (including content creation, customer service and monitoring) and created new processes for internal consistency, reporting and ongoing community engagement.
  • Developed process and reports for analyzing and monitoring web metrics and strategizing web content accordingly while providing reports to senior management
  • Assembled and led cross-functional teams to create specific social media content and constantly sought out opportunities to communicate with community from creating content, to customer service to highlighting community members.
  • Launched Consumer Reviews, decreasing returns by 300% within 5 weeks
  • Developed brand voice across multiple social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and blogger outreach.
  • Created processes for developing and distributing content on social and community sites.
  • Actively collaborated with marketing and creative teams to develop content, dialogue, and engagement plans.
  • Continuously updated organization and team members on new tools, communication tactics and community behavior.
  • Managed and trained a Community Manager.
  • Helped launch & Leifsdottir brand online
  • Launched Anthropologie Europe social media channels, content and influencer activations
  • Established core social media infrastructure including training, media policies, best practices, and an analytic framework for measuring ROI, laying the groundwork for the company to continue executing on its own.