RedEnvelope: #CrushOnYou Campaign

Provide Commerce had recently purchased and was hoping to bring it back to its former glory. Knowing that it was one of the first online sites for gift buying, I created a campaign utilizing influencers who knew the brand from before.

The #CrushOnYou campaign consisted of reaching out to Go Mighty and Alt Summit to form a partnership since I had only 4 weeks and $2,500 for an activation. The goal was to help connect creatives at the conference by getting them to attend a party in which we’d have them create valentines and secretly post them.

In exchange for creating valentines, RedEnvelope gifted each attendee a small, unique gift as well as a connection to their crush. It was the brands first Influencer Activation and event and by leveraging my personal network of influencers and a partner I generated over 6,500 social mentions on Twitter in 2 days by 500 influential attendees with only $2,500 spend as well as brand awareness, affinity and new partners who wanted to create content for the brand.